Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two: Episode 7 "Frisco's Own Rough Riders"

April 04, 2019 James Christopher Season 1 Episode 7
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two: Episode 7 "Frisco's Own Rough Riders"
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Episode 7 is packed!

Jim leads teams struggling at the beginning of the season through a quick meditation.


We talk about the history of bobbleheads and what the Round Rock Express, Sugar Land Skeeters, Wilmington Blue Rocks, Rocky Mountain Vibes and the Rumble Ponies are doing this year. Bobblehead Hall of Fame.

My dad thinks modern pitchers are big babies.

We got a chance to interview Bobby Dynamite! He drives the Astros train at Minute Maid park!

We have an AMAZING interview with Frisco RoughRiders GM Andy Milovich. We talk about his career, his favorite promos and the time he got a prostate exam during the seventh inning.  Get more information on the RoughRiders here. 

Thanks a bunch to Grace Uselman and Andy Bertelsen for the tunes. 

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7:57 - Stuff About Baseball My Dad Hates

10:09 - From the Bleachers with Jessica Bybee from the Round Rock Express

21:02 - Talking Bobbleheads

24:08 - The Astros TrainGuy

42:05 - Frisco RoughRiders GM Andy Milovich

1:13:07 - Closing

Stuff About Baseball My Dad Hates
From The Bleachers (Astros Futures Game)
Bobby Dynamite (The Astros Train Guy)
Frisco Rough Riders