Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two: Episode 8 "The Sox System"

April 11, 2019 James Christopher Season 1 Episode 8
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two: Episode 8 "The Sox System"
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Episode 8 has the bases full of Red Sox as we talk to members of the Boston farm system.
Featuring Melanie Newman, the play-by-play announcer of the Salem Red Sox. She'll talk about the significance of being part of the first 'all female booth' (along with Suzie Cool) in affiliated Minor League Baseball.

Portland Sea Dogs play-by-play announcer Michael Antonellis. It's a great interview! We recommend his podcast Behind the Mike.

Afterward, we visit with Rob Crain of the Pawtucket PawSox to talk all things AAA.

Alyssia Rivera and I made it out to my first Astros game of the year and we saw the home opener of the Round Rock Express.

Cavan Biggio and Yordan Alvarez are our Players of the Week.

We talk about a big mistake by ESPN, that Winter is coming to baseball, some teams got their first big Ws, Major League turns 30 and why Orbit and Slugger should be in a buddy cop movie. .

00:05:10 "Game of Promos"
00:07:22  From the Bleachers "Astros 6, Oakland 0"
00:15:20  Dad Hates the Late Innings
00:16:48  Melanie Newman Interview
00:41:01  Mike Antonellis Interview
01:10:36  Rob Crain Interview
01:25:47  On To Close

"Game of Promos"
From The Bleachers (Astros v Oakland)
Dad Hates the Late innings
Melanie Newman Interview
Mike Antonellis Interview
Rob Crain Interview
On to Close