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Let's Get Two S4 Ep 24 'Iron Pigs.'

August 22, 2022 James Christopher Season 4 Episode 24
Ballpark Nation
Let's Get Two S4 Ep 24 'Iron Pigs.'
Show Notes

It's IRON PIGS week!  
Follow them here:

FIRST PITCH: Why aren't all auctions online? Seems like you'd sell more stuff...

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05:03 WHO'S ON FIRST: We welcome friend of the show, Matthew Bari to talk the LeHigh Valley Iron Pigs.

Presented Baseball Bucket List:

22:29 FROM THE BLEACHERS: A great time was had at Coca Cola Park checking out the Iron Pigs!

29:38 HOLLER AND A SWALLER: Hanging out at Coca Cola Park BEER GARDEN.

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31:02 7th INNING STRETCH:  
Holly Harrar from Discover LeHigh Valley is here to talk about all the cool things we can do when we get to the ballpark.

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42:32 SHOW. ME. THE. MERCH: Iron Pigs. Cool brand(s0.  Cool merch.

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44:26 RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: The Iron Pigs weren't the first team to call the LeHigh Valley home...