Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two: Episode 17 "Hooked On The Blue Ghosts"

June 06, 2019 James Christopher Season 1 Episode 17
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two: Episode 17 "Hooked On The Blue Ghosts"
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We're back from a busy week of Minor League Baseball in the Lone Star State.

OPENING (Time: 00:00;30)
We visited the Hooks, the Blue Ghosts, the Chupacabras, the Express and a quick word on the controversial subject of nets.

FROM THE DECK (Time: 00:08;14)
Jessica and Jim come to you from below the flight deck of the USS Lexington.

TO THE FIRST 10,000 FANS Promotion of the Week (Time: 00:18;54)
We take a look at some of the MANY MiLB teams hosting pride night!
Durham Bulls
Lakewood Blue Claws
Trenton Thunder
Lehigh Valley IronPigs

THE BIG LEAGUE CHEW (Time: 00:20;11)
Scott and Jim talk about the start of the NCAA Baseball tournament.

GO GO ASTROS (Time: 00:32;30)
Larry the GM joins the show to talk about the Astros youth movement.

Hooks Marketing Director JD Davis joins us for a wide ranging conversation about the Astros AA affiliate.

CLOSING IT OUT (Time 01:11;44)
We talk about the Fresno snafu and our players and teams of the week.

Team of the Week:
Frisco Roughriders
Tacoma Rainiers
Hartford Yard Goats

Players of the Week:
Jojanse Torres
Eddie Medina

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Opening: Nets, Express, Chupacabras and Hooks
From the Deck
Promos: Pride Nights
The Big League Chew (w Scott McEntire)
Go Go Astros (w Larry the GM)
On Deck With the Corpus Christi Hooks
Closing it Out