Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two: Episode 39 "Thankful For Baseball"

November 24, 2019 James Christopher Season 1 Episode 39
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two: Episode 39 "Thankful For Baseball"
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Happy Early Thanksgiving!

We've got a super packed show. We felt like, with so many people on the road for the holiday, we thought we'd provide some drive time fun talking with baseball fans and why they love the game. Before we go full Christmas music, of course.

Before we dive in for that, we're joined by Tom Reisenweber, sports writer for the Erie Times News joins us to talk about the news that the MLB is planning to contract the MiLB. The story is heating up now that there is a list of teams. We're excited he could join us. The list of possible contracted teams are at the bottom of this page. (Opening Chapter)

We're also joined by Don Orris to talk about his long love of the game and the great Roberto Clemente (including a few big moments he was there for.) Don't miss it!
(TC: 15:25)

We also want to thank the following for joining our 'Thankful for Baseball" section. Taking time out of their day to hop and talk some hard ball.
Andrew Nelson shares some stories of growing up with the Twins, the world series and seeing Kirby Puckett : (TC: 40:25)

Trevor Lee Rodgers is a Red Sox fan in Oklahoma. How'd that happen?  PAIN: (TC: 50:31)

Jonathan Thomas Martin is loud and proud and a great fan of the Astros. The filmmaker and founder of Filmquest sits down to talk his favorite Astros moments (TC: 1:05:31)

Stevie Go Stros is fighting the good fight for Astros fans everywhere...all the way from London. Great chat. (TC: 1:21:40)

Gary C Warren, TV producer from LA talks his love for the St. Louis Cardinals. And yes. We talk Star Wars too: (TC: 1:32:18)

Meagan Flynn-Mesmer is an incredible actress, filmmaker, producer and a devoted baseball fan and baseball mom. We talk the game and the incredibly cool World Series picture she took for me in 2015. (TC: 1:41:02)

Andy Tomczeszyn is back to talk some Stros! And why its silly to predict trades in the off-season. (TC: 1:49:30)

Ken Robertson, our FAN OF THE YEAR, joins us to talk his baseball year and the contraction of the MiLB (TC: 1:58:43)

These are the teams currently listed for contraction. Contact your reps. 

Daytona Tortugas | Elizabethtown Twins | Erie Seawolves
Florida Fire Frogs | Frederick Keys | Grand Junction Rockies
Great Falls Voyagers | Greenville Reds | Hagerstown Suns
Idaho Falls Chukars | Jackson Generals | Johnson City Cardinals
Kingsport Mets | Lancaster Jethawks | Lexington Legends
Lowell Spinners | Mahoning Valley Scrappers | Missoula Paddleheads
Ogden Raptors | Orem Owlz | Princeton Rays
Quad Cities River Bandits | Rocky Mountain Vibes | 
Salem-Keiser Volcanoes
State College Spikes | Staten Island Yankees | Tri-City Dust Devils
Vermont Lake Monsters | West Virgina Power | 
Williamsport Cross Cutters

Opening with Tom Reisenweber
Dan Orris
Andrew Nelson
Trevor Lee Rodgers:
Jonathan Thomas Martin
Stevie Go Stros
Gary C Warren
Meagan Flynn-Mesmer
Andy Tomczeszyn
Ken Robertson
Closing it Out (w James Christopher)