Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two: Episode 11 "On Hiatus"

March 19, 2020 James Christopher Season 2 Episode 11
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two: Episode 11 "On Hiatus"
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Baseball is on hiatus, but we are NOT. Busy episode!

OPENING: Some of the MiLB and Indie Teams, like the Missoula Paddleheads, are doing great work taking care of their fans. Find them on Twitter, get involved and remember to support them when baseball is back.

Scott and I talk through some of our favorite actors to appear in baseball movies. Some of our favs might surprise you.

0:23:10 GO GO ASTROS: Andy gives us his All-Stros All-Stache Team. Some of the candidates include: Randy Johnson, Doug Jones, Danny Darwin, Phil Garner, Kevin Bass and...Alex Bregman???

0:38:32 OPPO TALKO: Gary C Warren is bummed because there is no Cardinals baseball!

0:51:02 OPPO TALKO: Meet some of the best guys in the Baseball Twitter-Verse. B4 The Pitch. They're the best. Follow them on Twitch.

1:10:10 LIGHTS, CAMERA, BASEBALL: New Segment! Andrew Nelson jumps on to review Episode 1 of Ken Burn's Baseball.

1:27:33 THIS JUST IN: Tom Reisenweber, Erie Times-News, pops in to talk about how the corona virus has impacted athletes at all levels.

1:37:34 CLOSING IT OUT: There is a guy named Chad. Jim wants him to meet his friend Bruce.

Big League Chew (w Scott McEntire)
Go Go Astros (w Andy Tomczeszyn)
Oppo Talko: Gary C Warren
Oppo Talko: B4 The Pitch
Lights, Camera, Baseball: Ken Burns Baseball E1
This Just In: Tom Reisenweber
Closing it Out