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Let's Get Two: S2 Episode 20 "Advocates of Missions"

April 13, 2020 James Christopher Season 2 Episode 20
From The Peanut Gallery
Let's Get Two: S2 Episode 20 "Advocates of Missions"
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A packed episode!
Opening: Minor League Baseball celebrated their  "At Home Opener" last week with classic games, fun videos and increased online access and interaction. It kicked off with the National Anthem featuring both a nice montage from the MiLB and some teams' greatest hits.
They scheduled the day out and set a time for the 7th Inning Stretch and encouraged people to send in videos singing the song. Some of the cool things we saw:
The Nashville Sounds put their Country Legends rase online: Johnny Cash took the first one.  The Charleston River Dogs had their hat shuffle in video form. The Altoona Curve did a virtual t shirt throw while the Corpus Christ Hooks had a 'group' grilling party. 

0:05:04 Raiders of the Lost Diamond: Dallas Eagles: We talk about the former Texas League team in Dallas and the breaking of the Texas League color barrier.

0:07:26 Who's On First: San Antonio Missions: We're joined by San Antonio Missions Director of Public Relations Mark Meyers.

0:20:10 Lights Camera Play Ball: The Open Road: I discovered a film in which Justin Timberlake plays a member of the Corpus Christ hooks!  Check out The Open Road from director Michael Meredith.

0:24:03: On Deck: We visit with the folks from Advocates for Minor Leaguers who talk about the issues facing MiLB players in today's game. 

0:52:37 This Just In: Michael Joins us from to discuss the MiLB contraction story and the new piece in Ballpark Digest by Kevin Reichard. Read it here. 

1:05:04 Closing It Out: John Krasinski's Some Good News captured me from the beginning. This episode drove the allergy count through the roof. Give it a listen and check out the ep. 

Raiders of the Lost Diamond : Dallas Eagles
Who's On First: San Antonio Missions
Lights, Camera, Playball: The Open Road
On Deck with Advocates for Minor Leaguers
This Just In; Save MiLB.Org
Closing it Out