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Let's Get Two: S2 Episode 36 "Hooked on the Larks"

June 08, 2020 James Christopher Season 2 Episode 36
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Let's Get Two: S2 Episode 36 "Hooked on the Larks"
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We are keeping it fun this episode and we're packing it with goodies!

OPEN: There is baseball coming y'all! Can't wait for the Northwoods teams in Bismark ND and the Kernel 

I'm wearing some Vermont Lake Monsters gear and the segment is dedicated to Blaine and Isabella. 

(0:05:12) This Just In There is a new proposal to play Major League Baseball. I can’t tell if it’s good enough.

(0:09:37) Raiders of the Lost Diamond: The Fort Worth Cats were the meow of the Texas League. 

(0:12:32) Who’s On First:  John Bollinger of the Bismarck Larks is giving us baseball! Learn more here! 

(0:28:06) On Deck: Amy Johnson of the Corpus Christi Hooks is here and she's talking about uniting the community of the Texas Coastal Bend through all of this! Here's an example: 

(0:42:59) Let’s Get Two Unboxed: Lakewood Blue Claws have one of the best brands going. And we got some! (read that like Jeanine from the Ghostbusters. 

(0:43:56) Lights, Camera, Play Ball: Andrew and I look at the indie baseball flick, Sugar.

(0:52:57) Closing It Out: The MLB thinks they’re Ross. The Union thinks they’re Rachel. I think they are all a bunch of Joey’s. MLB should watch 50 Summers and learn what it means to love their baseball community. 

This Just In
Raiders of the Lost Diamond
Who's On First: Bismarck Larks
On Deck with Amy Johnson
Unboxed: Lakewood Blue Claws
Lights, Camera, Baseball
Closing it Out (w James Christopher)