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Let's Get Two S2 Ep 46 "Baseball Sweetness"

July 09, 2020 James Christopher Season 2 Episode 46
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Let's Get Two S2 Ep 46 "Baseball Sweetness"
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OPENING:  Shoutout from Constellation Field in Sugar Land. 

(0:01:46) THIS JUST IN: We’re at the Constellation Energy League Media Day in Sugar Land Texas. Hear from Roger Clemens, Koby Clemens, Pete Incaviglia and LHN’s Greg Swindell

(0:11:30) WHO’S ON FIRST: JD Davis of the Corpus Christi Hooks is here to talk about 

(0:24:40) FROM THE BLEACHERS: Jessica is BACK! And we’re talking Round Rock Hairy Men and the safety at the Dell Diamond. 

(0:32:58) AND IT’S OUTTA HERE: We’ve got me recreating the play by play for a big Ryan Hernandez moment at the Dell Diamond. 

(0:34:47) IN THE DUGOUT: Filmmaker Darien Sills-Evans is here to talk baseball, the MLB, the Mets, the Negro League movie that might not ever be. 

(0:54:21) GO GO ASTROS: The MLB got to remake the schedule and they used it throw the Astros a high hard one.

(01:08:45) CLOSING IT OUT: Pete Incaviglia leaves us with some words of wisdom

This Just In
Who's On First
From The Bleachers
And It's Outta Here...
From The Dugout...
Go Go Astros
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