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Let's Get Two S2Ep 47 "Birds of a Feather and Some Hairy Men"

July 14, 2020 James Christopher Season 2 Episode 47
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Let's Get Two S2Ep 47 "Birds of a Feather and Some Hairy Men"
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OPENING:  Greetings from Bismarck

(0:01:54) FROM THE BLEACHERS: Bismarck, North Dakota was a baseball haven. No two ways about it. 

(0:06:43) ADJUST YOUR SCORE CARDS: We’ve got a special guest! Bailey Edinburgh joins about her journey from Dallas to OSU to Bismarck, ND!


(0:20:48) Bismarck Larks and 

(0:26:48) Idaho Falls Chuckers bring the fire. 

(0:29:55) RAIDER OF THE LOST DIAMOND: We look at the past of baseball in Bismarck, ND. Check out this link for more:

(0:34:53) WHO’S ON FIRST: Victoria Huggins of the Fayatteville Woodpeckers is here to talk about they have adjusted to no 2020 season. 

(0:46:25) ON DECK: “Chris Almendarez, President of the Round Rock Express is here to talk about his story,  the TCL, the Round Rocky Hairy Men and his #BaseballFamily

(1:04:16) CLOSING IT OUT: I get to update the map and we congratulate the following teams on winning the “Let’s Get Two Season Simulation”

Norfolk Tides

Fayetteville Woodpeckers

Idaho Falls Chuckers

Hillsboro Hops

Music by:
Patrick Shaver
Josh Woodward
Grace Uselman

From The Bleachers
Adjust Your Scorecards: Special Guest
Show. Me. The. Merch.: Bismarck Larks
Show. Me. The. Merch.: Idaho Falls Chuckers
Raiders of the Lost Diamond
Who's On First
On Deck
Closing it Out