Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two S2 Ep 59 "The 100 Ep 3 'The Fans Awaken'"

August 18, 2020 James Christopher Season 2 Episode 59
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two S2 Ep 59 "The 100 Ep 3 'The Fans Awaken'"
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Open: I started out thinking about ranking some of my favorite hats, then I realized, isn’t it better to just love baseball in all it’s forms?

(0:06:39) On Deck: Benjamin Hill, the namesake of our Person of the Year award, is here to talk about how he’s kept up the writing in the face of the pandemic and no affiliated MiLB baseball.

(0:17:07) Megan Ellis, creator of Home Sweet Ballpark is excited to talk about her Padres and her new items. We even get a sneak peek.

(0:24:40) Donavan Jones from Friars on the Farm is fired up about his friars.

(0:34:46) Who’s On First: Matt Durkin of the Normal CornBelters is back to catch us up on what’s new in Normal. 

(0:40:27) Ken Robertson is FINALLY on the show this season after COVID canceled our big reunion.

(0:47:27) Stevie Proud is fired up for his Astros.

(0:57:52) Closing: Tatis is good. Let him be good. Media is often bad and we need to fix it. 

On Deck: Benjamin Hill
Megan Ellis
Friars on the Farm
Who's On First
Ken Robertson
Stevie Proud
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