Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two S2 Ep 73" "The Let's Get Two Neighborhood"

October 06, 2020 James Christopher Season 2 Episode 73
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two S2 Ep 73" "The Let's Get Two Neighborhood"
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Let's Get Two S2 E72 “Innovators Summit

Cold Open A new theme song? Well, I got a new sweater and I got inspired.

(0:01:36) OPEN: MLB and TV: their short sighted relationship of how they program the games might end up affecting 

(0:05:34) HOLLER AND A SWALLER: We’re checking out a great beer from Missouri City, TX, the Texas leaguer Brewing Company’s Knuckle Bock! And it’s delicious.

(0:08:52) RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMON: Andrew Nelson is bringing in the Marlins.

(0:19:51) ON DECK: We talk to investigative journalist and Astros fan Michael Schwab about bias in the media.

(0:31:20) ADJUST YOUR SCORECARD: Special Guest #1, we’ve got Darrell Mitchell is here to talk his love for the Marlins and his relationship to a prominent Yankee.

(0:40:14) ADJUST YOUR SCORECARD: How about this for a quick break? We’ve got former Sooner reporter for OUInsider Trevor Lee Rogers to talk the legacy of the Red River Shootout and his Red Sox.

(0:58:44) CLOSING IT OUT: Some final thoughts…and a time check.

Holler and a Swaller
Raiders of the Lost Diamond
On Deck
Adjust Your Scorecards: Darell Mitchell
Adjust Your Scorecards: Trevor Lee Rogers
Closing it Out