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Let's Get Two S2 Ep 74 "House Money"

October 10, 2020 James Christopher Season 2 Episode 74
From The Peanut Gallery
Let's Get Two S2 Ep 74 "House Money"
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Let's Get Two S2 E72 “Innovators Summit

OPEN: 162 - 60 = 16. Call in ManFraud math.

(0:06:24) Holler and Swaller 1:  We are drinking Circle Brewing’s Tuxedo T Shirt and toasting Darrell Mitchell, Stu Clary, Trina and Taylor Bentley. Check out Make and Matter!

(0:10:29) Go Go Astros: Andy and I are playing with house money baby. 

(0:25:33) Show. Me. The Merch: Hardy the Hat Guy has gifted me with an “Indiana Baseball Starter kit.”


Indy Indians

Fort Wayne Tin Caps

South Bend Cubs

Gary South Short Railcats

LaFayette Aviators

Evansville Otters

DC Bombers

(0:29:03) Holler and a Swiller 2: Drinking the Nine Banded  Wheated Bourbon and toasting Yankee Nation, especially:

Scottie B4 The Pitch

The Hitter Sports

Mrs Steal Yo Base

Spencer Schwartz

Bill Hackett

Alex Canatta (I said high school. Meant college. HA HA HA)

Emily Nyman


Dee Zee

(0:35:32) The Big League  Chew: Scott and I pick the AL and NLCS with a shoutout to Mansplain Baseball Elsewhere and an Andy Tomczeszyn??

(0:52:37) Closing It Out: Shoutout to FWFIS and why Scott’s a hero.

Holler and a Swaller 1
Go Go Astros
Show. Me. The Merch.
Holler and a Swaller 2
The Big League Chew
Closing it Out