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Let's Get Two S2 Ep76 "Fall Classic Appys"

October 20, 2020 James Christopher Season 2 Episode 76
From The Peanut Gallery
Let's Get Two S2 Ep76 "Fall Classic Appys"
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OPEN: We know who Senator Sasse of Nebraska is. And not just because of his “butt cut” and that’s a problem. 

(0:08:59) Big League Chew: We have a World Series match up! Scott and I make picks.

(0:22:23) Go Go Astros: Andy and I start to unpack the 2020 Astros season after losing game 7.

(0:47:24) Show Me The Merch: New gear from the LeHigh Valley Iron Pigs and the Lake Elsinore Storm.

(0:50:06) Holler and a Swiller: Drinking the Texas Beer Company’s “OkTaylorFest” and toasting our friends at Mansplain Baseball Elsewhere with a dramatic reveal.

(0:54:03) Raiders of the Lost Diamond: Andrew Nelson is. using his PKE. Meter to find the Casper Ghosts. 

(1:00:51) Who’s On First: Kim Foster, GM of the Greenville Appy league team talks all about the move to the Collegiate Summer League Format.

(1:11:44) Closing It Out: I’m having a 4th Tap House of Torment, talking Astros and asking for some help from the Twitter baseball fam. Vader needs a new bandana. 

Big League Chew (w Scott McEntire)
Go Go Astros
Show. Me. The. Merch.
Holler and a Swaller
Raiders of the Lost Diamond
Who's On First
Closing it Out