Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two S2 Ep80 "Baseball in 2020"

December 04, 2020 James Christopher Season 2 Episode 80
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two S2 Ep80 "Baseball in 2020"
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Open: My bold declaration and promise for the 2021 MLB season and a congrats to the Northwoods League.

0:03:56: Holler and a Swaller: We’re toasting the folks in Minor League Baseball by raising a Saloon Door Brewing. 

0:08:32: Show. Me. The. Merch.: We’ve got Christmas gear from the Erie Sea Wolves and an Omaha Storm Chasers Mystery Box. 

0:18:30: Mahoning Valley Scrappers- Jordan Taylor is here to talk about the Scrappers movement into the new MLB Draft League.

0:32:52: State College Spikes - Joe Putnam and Scott Walker are back to check in on the Spikes, the #SaveOurSpikes initiative and the future of State College in the MLB Draft League.

0:47:14: Sugar Land Skeeters - Tyler Stamm joins us to talk about the transition of the Skeeters from the Atlantic League to Triple A baseball. 

00:57:49 Adjust Your Scorecards: JD Davis of the Corpus Christi Hooks is here to give his thoughts on the changing landscape of baseball in America.

01:11:28  Minor League Mind: Our MiLB guru Jess Knaster is here to talk about current state of Minor League Baseball.

01:32:34: On Deck: Martie Cordaro of the Omaha Storm Chasers joins us to talk the MiLB/MLB situation as it stands at the moment. 

01:49:06: Closing It Out: A look to our Holiday Special.  

Holler and a Swaller
Show. Me. The. Merch.
Mahoning Valley Scrappers
State College Spikes
Sugar Land Skeeters
Adjust Your Scorecards: JD Davis
The Minor League Mind
On Deck: Martie Cordaro
Closing It Out