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Let's Get Two S3 Ep2 "Baseball's WILD WILD WEST"

March 02, 2021 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 2
From The Peanut Gallery
Let's Get Two S3 Ep2 "Baseball's WILD WILD WEST"
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OPEN: Spring Training as started and the joy and euphoria over the beginning of baseball has led to the inevitable overreaction of Spring Training results. In this, as in all things, we turn to Lou Brown. 

0:05:21: THIS JUST IN - THIS JUST IN: Matt Durkin from the Kernels Collegiate League is here to unveil the new teams and they are amazing.  Twitter.

0:09:44: LIGHTS, CAMERA, PLAY BALL - Jim saw BOTTOM OF THE 9th with Joe Manganiello and Sofi Vergara and he dug it. 

0:12:31: WHO’S ON FIRST: Portland Pickles owner Alan Miller is here to talk the Pickles 2021 campaign and the continuation of the Wild Wild West League.
Portland Pickles
Wild Wild West League
Pickles Twitter
Wild Wild West League Twitter

0:23:27: GOOD WOOD: Andy Tomczeszyn has a new segment and its his take on the MLB. And we start easy with the future of the CBA negotiations. 

0:43:29: MINOR LEAGUE MIND: Jess Knaster gives us a glimpse of the minor league baseball landscape now that contraction is finished. 

0:56:12: GO GO ASTROS: We’re joined by Astros historian, Mike Acosta. 

1:34:07: CLOSING IT OUT: Alex sent me some baseball cards with express warning not to eat the gum. Will I listen?

This Just In
Lights, Camera, Play Ball!
Who's On First
Good Wood
Minor League Mind
Go Go Astros
Closing It Out