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Let's Get Two: S 3 Ep 5 "Opening Day 2021"

April 01, 2021 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 5
From The Peanut Gallery
Let's Get Two: S 3 Ep 5 "Opening Day 2021"
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It's beginning to look a like baseball....opening day is here!

0:01:03 The First Pitch- Opening day! Let’s GOOOOO.

0:05:12 The McEntire Mule - A Missouri based Razorback in a Longhorn’s Diamond.

0:15:34 Who’s On First - Amy Johnson from the Corpus Christi Hooks

0:24:30 On Deck - Patrick and Cory created the ultimate baseball traveler’s tool:

0:43:20 Holler and a Swaller - We’ve got a new bourbon to toast the new season, from the back yard of the Hall of Fame, no less.

0:45:20 Good Wood - The Void is over! Andy lays down his picks for MLB 2021

1:05:24 Adjust Your Scorecards - Tim is here to talk fond memories of Opening Days past.

1:16:08 The Big League Chew - Emily Nyman of Breaking Balls Pod is here to preview the Yankees quest for number 28!

1:27:17 Go Go Astros - Rob and Michelle from the Astros Baseball podcast preview the Astros quest for, among other things, their 5th straight ALCS appearance. 

1:41:31 Closing It Out - Put the stress aside and enjoy opening day.

The First Pitch
McEntire Mule
Who's On First
On Deck
Holler and a Swaller
Good Wood
Adjust Your Scorecards
The Big League Chew
Go Go Astros
Closing It Out