Let's Get Two

Let's Get To: S3 Ep 6 "90% Mental"

April 07, 2021 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 6
Let's Get Two
Let's Get To: S3 Ep 6 "90% Mental"
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‘Baseball is 90 per cent mental. The other half is physical’ - Yogi Berra

0:00:44 The First Pitch - The season is starting for the major leagues! Up next, the minors. So remember to support your local ball club.

0:04:48  Good Wood - The MLB pulled the All Star Game from Atlanta. We think, for once, the MLB made the right move and in a timely fashion.

00:17:14: On Deck - Hannah Huesman serves as a Mental Skills Coach for the Philadelphia Phillies. She’s here to talk about working on the mental side of the game.

00:33:43 Who’s On First - Tyler Stamm, the GM of the Astros Triple A club, the Sugar Land Skeeters, talks about the preparations for his first season as GM of an affiliated minor league club.

00:47:07 Adjust Your Scorecards - Alex Cannata, freshman infielder for the Southwestern Pirates checks in.

00:55:08 Go Go Astros - Andy breaks down the Astros hot start.

1:12:08 Raiders of the Lost Diamond - Andrew Nelson takes us to the East Texas city of Beaumont.

1:25:19   Closing It Out - Oh, the crack of bat.

The First Pitch
Good Wood
On Deck
Who's On First
Adjust Your Scorecards
Go Go Astros
Raiders of the Lost Diamond
Closing it Out