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Let's Get Two S3 Ep 11 "Teddy Ballgame"

May 19, 2021 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 11
From The Peanut Gallery
Let's Get Two S3 Ep 11 "Teddy Ballgame"
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Open: Live from Frisco Rough Riders.

0:02:10 Tearing the Cover Off: We’re talking with author, MiLB logo connoisseur and explorer of all things helmet Sunday Paul Caputo on his new book, The Story Behind the Nickname.
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0:16:12 From The Bleachers: Jess and Jim headed down to Frisco to check out Dr. Pepper Ballpark, the home of the Rough Riders.

0:20:16 Show me The Merch: Fun stuff from the Rough Riders team store!

0:21:49 Holler and a Swaller: I’m drinking makers from Dr. Pepper Ballpark while Andrew is at CHS Field drinking Tin Whiskers

0:23:08 Who’s On First: Cleburne Railroaders Denning Gerig and Brad Allred join us to talk about the new season and the new brand.

0:34:27 Who’s On First: Seth Kessler and Matt Bowers of the Cap City Cobras talk Sandlot Baseball in Austin, TX.  These guys are what baseball is all about.

0:51:28 In The Dog Pound: Emma Tiedemann talks the next homestead of the Portland SeaDogs.

0:59:24 In The Corn Maze: Matt Durkin, the new GM of the Normal Cornbelters is here to talk the first few weeks of Normal Cornbelters baseball and the Kernel Collegiate League.

1:07:28 Adjust Your Scorecards: We’ve got Yankee superfine Pinstripe Emy! Follow her here:

1:18:24 Go Go Astros: Andy is doing double duty talking the current Stros status and a grumpy Astros beat reporter.

1:32:26 Good Wood: Andy is back to talk possible MLB relocation and why angry white men hate female broadcasters. 

1:48:29 Closing It Out: Wonderful time in Frisco.

From The Bleachers: Frisco RoughRiders
Show. Me. The Merch.
Holler and a Swaller
Who's On First: Cleburne Rail Roaders
Who's On First: Cap City Cobras
In The Dog Pound
In The Corn Maze
Adjust Your Scorecards
Go Go Astros
Good Wood
Closing it Out (w James Christopher)