Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two S3 Ep 12: By Land, By Sea, By Air

May 24, 2021 James Christopher
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two S3 Ep 12: By Land, By Sea, By Air
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Open: We’re live(ish) from Constellation Field in Sugarland for the Skeeters home opener.

0:01:53 On Deck: Chris Fryar (Alexander Global Promotions). We talk to the Co-President of Alexander Global Promotions on the upcoming season and that ultimate of treasures, the bobble head.
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0:16:27 Who’s On First: Eric Schmidt and Cameron Parker of the Spearfish Sasquatch talk about the sightings of this mythical creature every baseball season in South Dakota.
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0:32:26 Who’s On First: Lansing Lugnuts’ new Assistant GM Zac Clark talks about coming home for his dream job.
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0:50:36 In The Tackle Box: Amy Johnson of the Corpus Christi Blue Ghosts talks the Corpus Christi Memorial Day tradition.
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0:57:35 From The Bleachers: Tim, Jim and Andy hit up the home Triple A premiere of the Sugar land Skeeters as they join the Astros system. Just an amazing time.
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01:01:17 Show Me The Merch: New league? New system?  New merchandise and Andy with a surprise grab.

01:05:07 Holler And A Swaller: Jim, Tim and Andy enjoy a beer at the ballpark and walkabout the exciting atmosphere at Constellation Field.

01:07:19  GoGo Astros: We talk the positioning of the Astros system in Sugarland. 

01:12:09 Let’s Get Two…Of That: Tim’s got a new segment. All about the ballpark food.

01:14:46 From The Bleachers: Andrew takes us into CHS field, home of the St. Paul Saints.

01:17:13  Who’s On First: Reagan Kneese of the Houston Gamblers talking the #SandlotRevolution

01:32:16 Closing It Out

On Deck
Spearfish Sasquatch
Lansing Lugnuts
In The Tacklebox: Corpus Christi Hooks
From The Bleachers (Sugar Land Skeeters)
Show. Me. The Merch.
Holler and a Swaller
Go Go Astros
Let's Get Two...Of That
From The Bleachers (St. Paul Saints)
Who's On First: Houston Gamblers
Closing It Out