Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two S3 E18 "Independence Day"

July 02, 2021 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 18
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two S3 E18 "Independence Day"
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OPENING:  it’s Independence Day and why I love this country.

0:03:04  WHO’S ON FIRST - Jersey Shore BlueClaws We’ve got Greg Giombarrese, voice of the Blue Claws to talk Jersey Shore baseball and their 4th of July plans.

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0:20:05  FROM THE BLEACHERS - Portland Pickles Jourdan, the grandkids and I made it out to see the Pickles on their home turf.
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0:23:07 ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: Jeremiah Coughlan is here to talk his role with the Portland Pickles his show, Brine Time and his own baseball travels.
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0:37:42  FROM THE BLEACHERS - Tri City Dust Devils A meeting years in the making! Erik the Peanut Guy and his beloved Dust Devils.
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0:43:17  WHO’S ON FIRST - Johnson City Doughboys: GM Kiva Fuller, GM of the Doughboys joins us to talk the connection between the military history
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0:47:54 ON DECK - Timothy Schwarzer is here to show off his cap and shoe collections and talk about the connections you feel with other connectors online.Follow him here:
1:01:58 THE PULLMAN’S VIEW:  Andrew Felts of the Round Rock Express is here to catch us up on the goings on at the Del Diamond.
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1:12:44 CLOSING: Some thoughts on Erik the Peanut Guy. Follow him here:

Who's On First - Jersey Shore
From The Bleachers (Portland Pickles)
Adjust Your Scorecards
From The Bleachers (Tri-City Dust Devils)
Who's On First: Johnson City Doughboys
On Deck
The Pullman's View - Round Rock Express
Closing it Out