Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two S3 Ep19 "Is This Heaven?"

July 07, 2021 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 19
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two S3 Ep19 "Is This Heaven?"
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The First Pitch: Jess and I has a once in a lifetime opportunity. To spend the night in the house from Field of Dreams. Check out how it went.

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0:06:46 - On Deck: We met Don Umland out at the Field Of Dreams movie site and had a blast talking to him. Met up later to talk baseball, Field Of Dreams and Sugar.

0:20:36 - Holler and A Swaller: From the Field Of Dreams movie site, we’re drinking:

Tempelton Distillery

Farm Girl (O So Good Winery)

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0:21:47 - From The Bleachers of Cedar Rapids: We had an amazing trip to see the Kernels. They should be on your list.

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0:25:30 - Who’s On First?: Scott Wilson of the Cedar Rapids Kernels to talk about the team, the community and getting back to baseball.

0:40:27 - From The Bleachers of Waterloo: We made it to see the Waterloo Bucks of the Northwoods League and had an absolute blast. 

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0:44:29 - Inside The Tackle Box: Amy Johnson of the Corpus Christi Hooks joins the show to talk about the big stretch of home games.

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0:53:02 - From The Bleachers of Lafayette: We made it out to Loeb Stadium, the new home of the Aviators. What we found was baseball Mecca.

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0:56:50 - Adjust Your Scorecards: Hanna Snedecor is young, energetic and positive….and just what we need right now.

1:02:22 - Show Me The Merch: Usually this segment is about stuff we buy, but when you meet Hardy the Hat Guy, it becomes about stuff he bought.

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1:07:00 - Holler And A Swaller: Lafayette, Indiana’s own People’s Brewing Co has a beer just for Aviators fans. 

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1:08:07 - Good Wood: Andy is off of suspension and ready to talk Bauer and Ohtani.

1:25:26 - Go Go Astros: Brian is here to break down the Astros at about the midway point. 

1:39:38 - Closing It Out: There is so much drama at the Major League level of the game. We can’t forget how special the game is. 

On Deck
Holler and A Swaller 1
From The Bleachers (Cedar Rapids)
Who's On First
From The Bleachers (Waterloo)
In The Tacklebox: Corpus Christi Hooks
From The Bleachers (Lafayette)
Adjust Your Scorecards
Show. Me. The Merch.
Holler and a Swaller 2
Good Wood
Go Go Astros
Closing It Out