Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two S3 Ep 21 "A La Mode"

July 20, 2021 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 21
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two S3 Ep 21 "A La Mode"
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Jim and Jess are on the road in Michigan for a sweet baseball trip!

0:00:47 From The Bleachers: We finally made it out to the Traverse City Pit Spitters. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect baseball evening. Great park, great views and we had a great time on Princess Night.
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0:05:39 Holler And A Swaller: There is a wide variety of alcohol available at a Pit Spitters Game. From Traverse City Whisky to Founder’s Brewing.
Traverse City Whiskey

Founder’s Brewery

0:07:04 Who’s On First : Britani Eatonof the Pit Spitters helps us wrap up our 2021 visit and we look forward to next year.

0:11:31 7Th Inning Stretch: We had a great time in Traverse City. From the National Cherry Festival to Drinks at Rare Bird Brewpub, breakfast at Brasserie Amie and deserts at Potter’s Baker, there is so much going on at this town by the lake.

0:13:23 On Deck:  The Atlantic League is one of the most prominent leagues in the indie baseball. The ALPB Round up is here to break it down.
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0:29:00 Who’s On First: Kelcy Nash of the Pierre Trappers comes on to talk the Trappers, the role of the team in the community and how to pronounce the name of the town.
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0:38:22 In The Dog House: Emma Tiedemann is here to preview a big homestead for the Portland Sea Dogs.
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0:48:20 Show Me The Merch: The Durham Bullsharks. Nuff said.  Follow them here:

0:50:29 Closing it Out: What a great evening at the Traverse City Pit Spitters.  Check them out on the road.

From The Bleachers
Holler and a Swaller
Who's On First: Traverse City Pit Spitters
7th Inning Stretch
On Deck
Who's On First: Pierre Trappers
In The Dog Pound
Show. Me. The. Merch.
Closing it Out