Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two S3 Ep 22: Hoot & A Holler & A Swaller

July 28, 2021 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 22
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two S3 Ep 22: Hoot & A Holler & A Swaller
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The show is really taking me places and sometimes, you just have to look up.

OPEN: We’re coming to you from O’Fallon, home of the Hoots!

0:02:41: From The Bleachers: O’Fallon, MO is the host of the Hoots and CarShield Collegiate League. We check out CarShield Field and talk to two members of the T Ravs.
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0:09:47: Holler And A Swaller:  Scott and I in CarShield Field knocking back Good News Brewing Company beers.
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0:11:20 On Deck: Jeff Lantz, Communications Director of the MiLB is here with an update on the 2021 season.

0:23:58 Who’s On First - Inland Empire 66er: Steve Wendt, voice of the 66ers,  joins us to talk about the 2021 season, being back on the road and the underwear supply when it’s a long road trip.
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0:37:06 Who’s On First - Peoria Chiefs: We’ve got Chiefs GM Jason Mott talking all things Chiefs

0:57:03 Closing It Out

From The Bleachers
Holler and a Swaller
On Deck
Who's On First: The 66ers
Who's On First: The Chiefs
Closing it Out