Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two S3: 150th Episode Special

August 04, 2021 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 23
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two S3: 150th Episode Special
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What started as a weird idea in December 2018 has turned into a show that hit its 150th episode.

OPEN: Coming to you from Normal, IL and from our studio in Texas. We reflect on our 150th episode. We’ve had a great time exploring the country, seeing baseball and connecting with fans of the greatest sport ever invented.

My wife Jessica is my inspiration and the motivation for everything.

The show couldn’t exist without Nathan, Andy, Scott, Tim, Jess and Andy in my corner.

And I have an amazing extended baseball fam.
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0:12:00 Holler And A Swaller:  Rained out in Normal, IL, Scott and I scored some DESTIHL and reflect on the show, 150 episodes and The Hitter Sports and the Normal Cornbelters.

0:22:22 From The Bleachers: 150 shows mean we’ve been all over. We look back at some of the segments focused on some of our favorite road trips, including:
Corpus Christi Hooks
Tacoma Rainiers
Joliet Slammers
Tri-City Dust Devils
Field of Dreams

0:49:29 Who’s On First - Florence Yalls: We have Alex Coil, voice of the Yalls to talk about one of the best dressed teams in indie ball.
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1:02:04  Who’s On First - Harrisburg Senators: Jess Knaster is back! He’s talking his new gig with the Senators and a shoutout to our buddy Don.
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1:19:23 Closing It Out: Matt Durkin, GM of the Corn Belters joins me to wrap the show as he goes through the post-rainout process.
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Holler and a Swaller
From The Bleachers
Who's On First: Florence Y'alls
Who's On First: Harrisburg Senators
Closing it Out