Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two S3 E29 Field of Dreams II- Even Dreamsier

September 15, 2021 James Christopher Season 3 Episode 29
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two S3 E29 Field of Dreams II- Even Dreamsier
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Just a handful of stops left in our minor league baseball season…..

OPEN: I am not Marty Robbins. 0:00:26 FIRST PITCH: With the coming of the Field of Dreams game came a bunch of trolls who all of a sudden hate the movie. Which begs the question: “Why can’t let people like things?”

0:04:21 FROM THE BLEACHERS: We’re having a great time at the Midland RockHounds along with a pack of four legged celebs. #PawPatrol
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0:06:24 HOLLER AND A SWALLER: Great beer choices at the Midland RockHounds, but we went with a tasty combo from Eccentic Brewing in Midland, Texas. 
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0:08:20 IN THE DOG POUND: With the home slate of her first season as the voice of the Sea Dogs complete, Emma Tiedemann joins us to talk the 21 season, the Field of Dreams game and the playoff picture.
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0:19:19 WHO’S ON FIRST: our buddies at the Cap City Cobras had the experience of a lifetime at the Field of Dreams.
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0:35:21 CLOSING IT OUT: So long for now, Midland, Texas. 

First Pitch
From The Bleachers
Holler and a Swaller
In The Dog Pound
Who's On First
Closing It Out